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Our Services
  1. Maintenance
    An HVAC equipment tune-up is the best investment you can make to optimize unit efficiency, improve comfort, enhance IAQ and lower repair costs. It’s no wonder that every major equipment manufacturer has a provision for maintenance included in their warranty coverage. When you buy a maintenance agreement from us, our comfort advisors visit your home on a annual or semiannual basis in the offseason to thoroughly clean, check, calibrate and test your HVAC system. We’re looking to find and correct small issues before they cause big problems later on
  2. Servicing
    We service all makes & models. New and Existing System Maintenance, New Installations, Change-Out Replacements, Repairs, Appliance Venting, Gas Piping, Duct Work Repair / Remodel No Job is too big or Small
  3. Design and Installation
    Selecting the best heating air conditioning unit depends on many factors such as humidity control, equipment size and capacity as well as energy efficiency. James and Son Heating & Cooling, Inc. will guide you through every step of the process.