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Heating & AC Maintenance, Repair, Replacement & More

Preventative Maintenance

Purchasing a heating and cooling system is an investment. Just like a vehicle, it needs proper care to ensure it continues to run in a tip-top shape. Plus, most HVAC equipment manufacturers require regular maintenance for their warranties to remain valid. That’s why we created an affordable residential maintenance program.

Maintenance Plan I: (one time, annual clean and service)

Clean evaporator and condenser coils as required

Clean condensate drain line

Install time-release Algae treatment (for condensate drain)

Check all capacitors for proper charge

Check amp draw on all motors

Check electrical connections

Verify refrigerant charge is in factory specified range

Verify proper sequence of system operation

Clean equipment surfaces of debris and mildew

Contract amount $99.00 for a single system - $75.00 for each additional system plus tax.


Maintenance Plan II: (Spring and Fall Bi-Annual Service)

Includes all of plan I

Replace dual capacitor & contactor for an outdoor unit (spring)

Replace indoor blower capacitor if equipped (spring)

Verify proper defrost cycle (fall)

Verify Gas pressures (fall) Gas Units only

Inspect Heat exchanger for cracks (fall) Gas Units only

Clean Burners (fall) Gas Units only

**Service calls needed throughout the year under Maintenance Plan II will be at a reduced service rate of $65.00 per hour Monday - Friday, plus 10% off any required parts or refrigerant.

Contract amount $225.00 for a single system - $125.00 for each additional system plus tax.



Heating & AC Service & Repair

If you have lived in this part of North Carolina long enough, you have probably noticed there are days that we experience all four seasons in 24 hours. Our dog days of summer will drench you in sweat and our coldest winter months will have you layering up. Add a salt-filled ocean breeze in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for significant wear and tear. When your heating and cooling system breaks down, it’s more than just an inconvenience; it’s typically unbearable. That’s why it’s so important to have a team you can trust. At James & Son Heating & Cooling, our technicians are trained to help you get the most life out of your system. Request Service 

Sometimes, it becomes more cost-efficient to replace your heating and cooling system than continuously repairing it. But how exactly do you know when it’s time for you to replace your system?

Here are 5 questions to ask when deciding whether or not to replace your HVAC system:

  • Are you constantly having to adjust your thermostat’s temperature?
  • Do your electric bills seem high?
  • Does your air conditioning system still use R22 refrigerant instead of R410?
  • Are you constantly scheduling repairs for your heating and cooling system?
  • Is your system more than 7 years old?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to replace your system.

HVAC Installation & Replacement

When it’s time for a new air conditioning system or heat pump, sorting through service providers can be overwhelming. While we may not be your first call during your hunt for an HVAC contractor, we’re confident that once you call our team, you’ll see why so many take comfort in our experience. We’ll thoroughly evaluate your existing system, discuss options, and provide you with all of the information to make the best decision for your needs. Our quotes include insight on everything required to install your system correctly and meet building and manufacturer requirements. Request an Estimate

Commercial HVAC Services

At James & Son Heating and Cooling, many Wilmington, NC area businesses count on us to keep their employees and clients comfortable, no matter the season. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Whether it's an emergency repair or system replacement, our commercial HVAC installation and service team has the skills and experience to help your business. We can also help keep your heating and cooling system operating at peak efficiency with a custom commercial maintenance program. Request an Estimate